Global Athlete Statement on the USADA Announcement of Sanctions for Alberto Salazar and Dr. Jeffrey Brown

1 October 2019: The Global Athlete Start-Up Group would like to congratulate the athletes for their strength and bravery for coming forward to expose doping practices of Alberto Salazar and Dr. Jeffery Brown at the Nike Oregon Project.  

The Brown and Salazar case proves that when athletes are brave and speak up, and more importantly speak up to trusted authorities, they can make a difference to clean sport and make a difference for better sport that we all want to see. We would like to commend those brave athletes that stuck to their principles to report wrongdoing. USADA should also be commended for investing tireless hours to bring this to justice and for protecting the whistleblowers that came forward. The case proves once again that bad actors are influencing athlete behaviors.

The Global Athlete Start-Up Group believe it is now time for sponsors to start caring more about athletes’ rights and wellbeing. Sponsors are the ones funding the multibillion-dollar sport industry and they must have a duty of care to protect athletes competing in sport.

Athlete rights need to be protected and athlete welfare must be improved. We call on all sponsors to develop a meaningful athlete-first approach that demands sports change the outdated “athletes last” mentality that we see all too often today.

We encourage all athletes to stand up and speak for positive change. Global Athlete is here to listen and, despite the odds and the power behind the system, truth brings about real change.

The Global Athlete Start-Up Group is:

Akwasi Frimpong
Olympic Bobsliegh and Skelton Athlete

Noah Hoffman
Olympic Cross-Country Skier
United States of America

Ali Jawad
Olympic Para Powerlifter
United Kingdom

Caradh O’Donovan
World Champion Kick Boxer and Karate

Callum Skinner
Olympic Cyclist
United Kingdom

Rachael Sporn
Olympic Basketball

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