Global Athlete partners with Aurora Games for inaugural Summer 2019 Spectacle

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21 August 2019: Global Athlete has today announced a partnership agreement with the first-ever All-Women Multi-Sport Competition, Entertainment and Education Festival, the Aurora Games. The inaugural edition of the Games takes place from 20 - 25 August in Albany, New York.

Signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), and coming at a time of heightened interest and awareness of women’s sport, Global Athlete and Aurora Games have committed to putting Athletes Rights as a leading priority, at the heart of the Games. As part of the Partnership Agreement, Global Athlete, Aurora Games and the competing athletes will work together to ensure mechanisms are in place to protect the rights of all competitors at the Games. Global Athlete will be the independent organization responsible for overseeing and evaluating how the Games upholds the Athlete Rights, and will be on hand to provide advice on athlete rights and to attend all related meetings and hearings. Following the Games, Global Athlete will issue a Public Report outlining any findings resulting from their oversight role.

“As a new, progressive movement for change in sport, Global Athlete is delighted to partner with a like-minded organization such as Aurora Games who are also, like us, committed to making sport a better place for all,” said Rob Koehler, Global Athlete Director General. “By partnering with the Games, we are committed to overseeing the highest standards of athlete rights and setting a standard that other sports organizations and competitions can follow. We are entering an era of positive athlete insurgency, and that’s why we believe it’s important to work with athletes to set the rules, so that they are fully invested in the rule-making process and aspire to the strong ethos and standards of the Games,” added Koehler.

"As a long time agent and advocate for athletes, I am excited to have the Aurora Games join with Global Athlete in their efforts to protect the rights of athletes at events around the world. We have an Aurora Games Athlete's Bill of Rights that was unveiled at our opening ceremony, which we hope will set the stage for the Games to represent a new direction in the partnership between athletes, promoters, governing bodies, sponsors, media, broadcasters and the fans," said Jerry Solomon, Creator and Executive Producer, The Aurora Games.


About Aurora Games Festival

The Aurora Games, showcasing an Americas versus the World format, will see top women athletes from tennis, gymnastics, ice hockey, basketball, figure skating and beach volleyball compete over a week-long festival at The Times Center in Albany, New York, USA from 20 -25 August 2019. More information can be found at

About Global Athlete

Global Athlete is a new international athlete-led movement aiming to inspire and drive change across the world of sport. As a movement run by athletes, for athletes, Global Athlete’s goal is to balance the power between athletes and sporting leaders, and to enable athletes to have their say about the way in which sport is run. Global Athlete aims to change sport for the better and bring it into the twenty-first century by mobilizing athletes, following the recent unprecedented uprising in which athletes have called for enhanced rights and changes to the way sport is governed.

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